SLA Management Lunch Service


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Chef Inspired Meals - We use only high quality, fresh ingredients in virtually all our scratch prepared daily menu offerings.

Offered Fresh Daily - We offer a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh-baked breads daily.

Locally Sourced, All Natural - We use fresh, locally sourced, natural ingredients as they are available.

Dietitian Approved Food - Every dish we serve is approved by a registered dietitian, including vegetarian-friendly items that are a regular part of our menu.


Environmentally Friendly - We completely eliminated Styrofoam
containers by switching to compostable lunch trays.

Green Cleaning - We switched to all-green, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions in all of our kitchens.

Giving Back - We proudly find ways to partner with our schools and provide them with resources they need to better their community.

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Signup at:

1. Click the “Make Cafeteria Deposit” link on the homepage.

2. Select your student, and enter the deposit amount in the box displayed and click “Continue”. The ‘minimum deposit’ amount will be $25.00. This amount refers to the total deposit for all family members on your account. You do not need to deposit this amount into each student’s account.

3. Confirm the deposit amount and click “Add to Cart.” On the next screen, click “Check Out” to continue to payment.

4. Select the method of payment. You can make a deposit in the form of a Bank Draft Transaction or a Credit Card

5. Payment (we accept VISA and MasterCard). Please note the 2.3% plus $1.00 convenience fee for each credit card transaction and a flat $1.00 for ACH.

6. Now you can enter your billing information. Make sure to fill out all required fields. Check the box at the bottom of the page if you wish to save this information for future use. If you are planning on setting up automatic deposits, we recommend that you check this box.

7. Next you will need to enter the payment information. The total deposit amount, including the convenience fee, will be shown at the bottom of the screen. You must check the box to authorize the payment. Click “Process Payment” to finish the transaction. Your Transaction Receipt will appear once the payment has completed.