Arrival Procedures

Student arrival is via carline. Drivers are asked to follow the traffic pattern and the directives of the faculty and staff. Those entering the parking lot on the south side are to leave from the south exit. Those entering from the north side are to leave by the north exit. No students are to be dropped off or picked up on SE 12th Street. Your cooperation is needed for the safety of all.

Please drop off students according to the diagram. Traffic will form a single line and, when cars are stopped, children exit the vehicle on passenger side and walk toward the school.

Arrival map depicting traffic routes

Dismissal Procedures

Regular dismissal will be via car line, similar to the arrival procedures. PreK with no siblings will be picked up at 2:20pm (please be prompt). PreK with siblings will be picked up at 2:50pm from the PreK building. Grades K-8 will be dismissed at 2:50pm.

Pick up for Kindergarten: Parents will enter the back of the Multi-Purpose Building from 12th Street. Then, turn right (toward Pre-K) to exit. Grades 7-8: Parents will follow the same pattern as morning drop off, entering and exiting from the south. Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6: Parents will enter from the north (grades 1&2 will be in the first aisle, grades 3&4 in the second aisle, and grades 5&6 in the third aisle).

*Updated 2019-2020 dismissal procedure for Grade 6.

Dismissal map depicting traffic routes