House Program

The St. Coleman House Program was introduced during the 2021-2022 school year. Every middle school student in grades 7-8 is sorted into one of four Houses: St. Francis, St. Joan of Arc, St. Sebastian, or St. Teresa. In keeping with our Catholic faith, each House aligns with the life of a patron saint that our students found to be inspiring and worth modeling. 

Houses compete throughout the year to earn points for their team. Points can be earned by winning weekly competitions, making good grades, earning service hours, participating at Mass, showing positive behavior, being involved in clubs/sports, or attending St. Coleman School events. The top House wins a special field trip at the end of the year! 

Each of the Houses is led by three elected 8th grade captains: House Captain, Activities Captain, and Service Captain. Together, these twelve students make up the House Board. Being a member of House Board is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn leadership skills. House Board members are truly in charge of their Houses; they run weekly meetings, track points, and plan competitions.

All SCS staff members are also sorted into a House and the elementary grades spend the year cheering for the House associated with their classroom teacher. The SCS House Program is truly helping to light the way for our student leaders! 

House of St. Francis Crest

Welcome to the House of St. Francis! 

The House of St. Francis is named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment, which is why we wear the color green. St. Francis is a beloved saint who left behind a wealthy and comfortable life to follow God’s call and devote his life to rebuilding the worldwide Church. Members of our House seek to follow our saint’s example by keeping our hearts open to God’s call in our own lives every day. St. Francis, pray for us!

House Motto

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” -St. Francis

Our Captains

Lyndsey - House Captain

I like to be involved and help out my House. It's fun getting to do activities together as a team and earn points. Your House is like your family.

Nico - Activities Captain

I love being a leader and seeing everyone have fun. Our house is always excited to play, no matter what the game is

Adriana - Service Captain

I want to be an influence in the House program. We are able to help define what we want House to be for later generations: a healthy, fun way to compete with your classmates while still growing in your Catholic faith - and it gives everyone something to look forward to on Fridays. Shutout to all St. Sebastian 8th graders, this year is what it is because of you!

Alumni Testimonials

Ava Masri - Class of 2022

Hi! My name is Ava Masri and I was a part of the green house of St. Francis. I loved many things about this program but most of all I loved how each week we got to play a new game that we never played before, and it was always so much fun! Something I learned from being a part of green house is that we don’t always need to win to have a good time. To the future members of green house: Be encouraging to your teammates and make new friends in your house!

Ryan Nero - Class of 2022

I was the activity captain last year and we were able to win a couple of events… this year hopefully we are better! I loved the teamwork that the events required, and the competitiveness. I learned more about St. Francis.

St. Joan of Arc House Crest

Welcome to the House of St. Joan of Arc!

The yellow House is named in honor of St. Joan of Arc. St. Joan was a courageous teenager who laid down her life for her unwavering belief in God. Her example inspires the members of our House to be fearless and to never miss an opportunity to stand up for what is right. St. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of many things including youth, those who are ridiculed for their faith, and those in need of courage. St. Joan of Arc, pray for us and give us courage!

House Motto

"Go forward bravely. Fear nothing." -St. Joan of Arc

Our Captains

Katia - Service Captain

St. Joan of Arc is a special House because we are represented by a strong and powerful saint. Everyone comes together to play and have fun. Shoutout to Roxanne because she is so caring, respectful, and a good listener!

Kiley - Activity Captain

Being captain is a good leadership role in which I can push my House to be its best possible self. St. Joan of Arc House is always cheering and gives 100% energy. I love how I get to know people I wouldn't have been friends with if I did not meet them in House.

Brody - House Captain

My favorite thing about House is that everyone can participate. Everyone does something different, such as service hours, playing school sports, participating at Mass, or winning the weekly competition. My captains influenced me last year and I want to influence this year's 7th graders. Every week we are the loudest House out there and we are always good sports!

Alumni Testimonials

Avery Paton - Class of 2022

I was a part of St. Joan of Arc and I loved the House competition. I thought it was very fun to get outside every week and compete with your classmates. Sadly, St. Joan of Arc didn’t win much, so what I took out of House was that even if you’re not always winning you can still make the best out of it!

Caroline Findley - Class of 2022

I loved that House brought the grades together and we got to spend time with each other in the day. I learned leadership skills by helping and encouraging the people in my House.

Welcome to the House of St. Sebastian!

The House of St. Sebastian honors the valor of our saint by wearing the color red. St. Sebastian was a brave soldier who joined the Roman army to help defend Christians who were being martyred. He miraculously survived being shot by multiple arrows, though he was later martyred. Our House seeks to model the self-sacrificing nature of St. Sebastian by being willing to fight for justice alongside our brothers and sisters in faith. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes, and our members focus on qualities such as sportsmanship and teamwork. St. Sebastian, pray for us!

House Motto 

“May nothing threaten to destroy my belief in Christ.”  -taken from a Prayer to St. Sebastian

Our Captains

Bradley - House Captain

As a captain, I can lead my House to success. We love having fun and being competitive, but St. Sebastian House also has a relaxed spirit and just enjoys interacting with each other.

Ellison - Activities Captain

I help lead my House with positivity and fun. St. Sebastian House is very supportive and has great sportsmanship. Shout out to Olive, Violette, and Isabella because they always cheer for everyone when we play a game!

Angelina - Service Captain

House brings people together. It gives us the opportunity to meet others we wouldn't usually have the opportunity to meet, like students in another grade or someone in your same grade that is in another class. I want to give a shout out to Alexis. She always has a good attitude, is super nice, brings in points because of all the selfless things she does, and always has a smile on her face. She makes House awesome!

Alumni Shout Out

Ella Abril - Class of 2022

My name is Ella and I was in the House of St. Sebastian last year. I loved the House program because it allowed me and the other students to become better acquainted with the kids a grade below us and those in our grade that we wouldn’t normally talk with. House also taught me how much goes into leading a team and how meeting new friends can really change your life!

For my House this year, I hope you all are keeping up the St. Sebastian spirit! Sebastian is an amazing House and you all are so lucky to be part of such a great program!

Welcome to the  House of St. Teresa!

Mother Teresa, now known as St. Teresa of Calcutta, is the inspiration behind our House. We wear blue in honor of the Missionaries of Charity, founded by St. Teresa. As a nun in Calcutta, India, St. Teresa served the poorest of the poor. Like her, our members seek to give love and care to all those we encounter, no matter who they are. St. Teresa is the patron saint of World Youth Day, which reminds us that we are members of a worldwide family in Christ. St. Teresa’s modern example of selflessness and perseverance is a reminder to us that we are all called to serve with open hearts and hands. St. Teresa, pray for us!

House Motto

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -St. Teresa 

Our Captains

Sean - House Captain

I love being a leader and helping people do their best, no matter their skills or weaknesses. St. Teresa House enjoys the friendly competitions to earn the most House points.

Eva - Service Captain

House give us an opportunity to be outside, active, and social. Our House has formed many bonds and made new connections with one another.

Kamryn - Activities Captain

The House program brings us together as a community with fun and faith. I love being a captain because it makes me happy to be involved at SCS and it gives me a chance to develop into a student leader. St. Teresa House has built strong friendships, works hard, and does whatever it takes. Shoutout to Kai and Makenzie - they always step up!

Alumni Shoutout

Camilla Escobar - Class of 2022

House days were a time that we took to work together as a team and enjoy our time at school. I loved how you got to know some of the people from the grade below you and how much fun the House competitions were. St. Theresa House - I hope you win again this year!