Faculty & Staff

St. Coleman Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process. All employees follow the Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Photo of Dr. Lori St. Thomas
Photo of Ms. Leslie Albury

Ms. Leslie Albury

Assistant Principal

Photo of Mrs. Mary Amato

Mrs. Mary Amato

5/6 Social Studies

Photo of Ms. Cynthia Barry

Ms. Cynthia Barry


Photo of Mr. Carlos Benitez

Mr. Carlos Benitez


Photo of Mrs. Carrie Bennett
Photo of Mr. Lawrence Briscoe

Mr. Lawrence Briscoe

Technology: IT for Education

Photo of Mrs. Deborah Bujalski

Mrs. Deborah Bujalski

7/8 Social Studies

Photo of Mrs. Eileen Casciotta

Mrs. Eileen Casciotta

Teacher's Aide

Photo of Mrs. Graciela Caudle

Mrs. Graciela Caudle

Spanish K-5

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Ann Cucchi
Photo of Mrs. Kristine Deabenderfer
Photo of Mrs. Lori Deleuze

Mrs. Lori Deleuze


Photo of Mrs. Jennifer DeLoach

Mrs. Jennifer DeLoach

Athletic Director

Photo of Mrs. Louise Diamond

Mrs. Louise Diamond

School Counselor

Photo of Mrs. Mary Donnellan

Mrs. Mary Donnellan

5/6 English

Photo of Mrs. Denise Faber

Mrs. Denise Faber

Athletic Director

Photo of Mrs. Edith Feeley

Mrs. Edith Feeley

Teacher's Aide

Photo of Mrs. Nancy Godden

Mrs. Nancy Godden

Library Media Center

Photo of Mr. Jake Goldberg

Mr. Jake Goldberg

7/8 Mathematics

Photo of Mr. Michael Gonzalez

Mr. Michael Gonzalez

Technology: IT for Education

Photo of Mrs. Elizabeth Hauerwas

Mrs. Elizabeth Hauerwas

7/8 Literature

Photo of Mrs. Kristin Hill

Mrs. Kristin Hill

Curriculum Coordinator

Photo of Mr. James Iacovone

Mr. James Iacovone

5/6 Mathematics

Photo of Mrs. Susan Jaen

Mrs. Susan Jaen

Admissions & Business Manager

Photo of Ms. Jodi Jawor

Ms. Jodi Jawor

Technology: IT for Education

Photo of Mrs. Maria Kambourelis

Mrs. Maria Kambourelis

Teacher's Aide

Photo of Mrs. Tara Kramer

Mrs. Tara Kramer

Teacher's Aide

Photo of Mrs. Melissa Atchley Krysiek
Photo of Ms. Terri Kukuck

Ms. Terri Kukuck

Social Media & Digital Communications

Photo of Mrs. Leizy Leniart

Mrs. Leizy Leniart

2nd Grade

Photo of Miss Grace Litofsky

Miss Grace Litofsky


Photo of Mrs. Norma Longoria

Mrs. Norma Longoria

Teacher's AIde

Photo of Ms. Maresa Mason

Ms. Maresa Mason

1st Grade

Photo of Mrs. Jodi McClaine

Mrs. Jodi McClaine

1st Grade

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Melone

Mrs. Lisa Melone

School Secretary

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Modica

Mrs. Lisa Modica

7/8 Mathematics

Photo of Mr. Edward Mulvaney

Mr. Edward Mulvaney

Permanent Substitute

Photo of Miss Phoebe Neff

Miss Phoebe Neff

5/6 Science

Photo of Mrs. Patricia O'Connor
Photo of Miss Aniela (Annie) Pazulski
Photo of Mrs. Mary Perkins

Mrs. Mary Perkins


Photo of Mrs. Gerry Ratner

Mrs. Gerry Ratner

4th Grade

Photo of Mrs. Ana Reilly

Mrs. Ana Reilly

Spanish 6-8

Photo of Mrs. Patti-Ann Slingsby

Mrs. Patti-Ann Slingsby

Teacher's Aide

Photo of Ms. Adrianne Solov

Ms. Adrianne Solov

5/6 Literature

Photo of Mrs. Kathleen Squilla

Mrs. Kathleen Squilla

5/6 Religion

Photo of Mrs. Patricia Steinkamp
Photo of Ms. Kathleen Stout

Ms. Kathleen Stout


Photo of Mrs. Laura Thomas

Mrs. Laura Thomas


Photo of Mr. Luis Viveros

Mr. Luis Viveros

ESE Coordinator

Photo of Mrs. Leslie Withrow

Mrs. Leslie Withrow

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mr. Tyler Withrow

Mr. Tyler Withrow

7/8 English

Photo of Ms. Renee Zaldivar

Ms. Renee Zaldivar

4th Grade