Nurturing the Faith of Our Children

SCS faculty and staff lead our students in the Catholic faith by modeling and using real-world examples, involving families in our parish and school activities, introducing and implementing technology in the religion curriculum, and continuing education.


  • Weekly all school Masses celebrated on Wednesdays

  • Student lectors, altar servers, ushers, and choir members at school and parish Masses

  • Pflaum Gospel Weeklies encourage student attendance and participation at Sunday Mass

  • Value of the month discussed and posted in all classrooms

  • Classroom religion resource areas include a crucifix, statue of the Blessed Virgin, age-appropriate children‘s lectionary and/or Bibles, rosaries, and other resources to enhance student involvement

  • Morning announcement broadcasts include special intentions, daily prayers, feast day summaries, and mission statement

  • Communion & Confirmation retreats

  • Weekly sandwich station for St. Laurence Chapel outreach program

  • Care packages for the homeless and the military

  • Nursing home visits

  • Faculty and staff continue their Catholic education through summer courses and/or relative workshops


Upcoming Faith Formation Events



SCS Angel Days

On first Fridays, St. Coleman School traditionally holds an “Angel Day” dress down. Students that wish to participate may donate $1.00 and come to school dressed in their everyday clothes.  The monies collected are used to support different charitable causes each month.