Summer Reading Guidelines 2020

Students Reading

Students Entering Kindergarten through 6th Grade

You are required to read three books from your grade-level list.  You must read the nonfiction selection, and you can choose two fiction books from the five fiction titles on the list.

Complete three copies of your grade-level assignment, one for each book.

Write the assignment with your own original work.  Do not copy summaries or reviews from AR Bookfinder,,, the book’s front/back cover or dust jacket, etc.

Summer reading reports should be turned in to your new homeroom teacher or literature teacher by Friday, August 28, 2020.

Students Entering 7th & 8th Grade

MANDATORY NOVEL: 7th grade students, read the nonfiction novel Chasing King’s Killer by James Swanson. 8th grade students, read the nonfiction novel Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson. The students will take a test the first week of school on their novel and this test grade will go into PlusPortals.

All 7th and 8th garde students, choose a second novel for summer reading from the list posted below. The students will record and submit a 1-3 minute “Book Talk” on their selected novel, using their SCS iPads, within the first two weeks of school. ​​​​​​

Summer Reading Book Lists and Assignments