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World Youth Day: so close to the pope!

Pope Francis at World Youth Day

LISBON, Portugal (CNS) | To end "Catholic Woodstock" — as World Youth Day has been called by the Portuguese press — Pope Francis told 1.5 million weary-eyed and sleep-deprived young people in Lisbon not to let their "great dreams" of changing the world be "stopped by fear." In his homily for the closing Mass of World Youth Day Aug. 6, the pope asked for "a bit of silence" from the pilgrims who, after staying overnight in Lisbon's Tejo Park following the previous night's vigil, at 6 a.m. were already dancing to techno music mixed by a DJ priest before the pope's arrival.  CONTINUE

PHOTO: Members of the Miami group got a close-up and a blessing from Pope Francis. “You see, he decided to get close to us. Pretty sure it's because we know how to party!” wrote Fr. Matthew Gomez, ADOM vocations director, on his Instagram.