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A Message from Dr. St. Thomas about Uniforms

Pictures of school uniform items

A reminder regarding jackets - there should be no student wearing an Italian Festival jacket. It is not an approved school uniform jacket. This is not a new rule, nor is it a recent change. It has been in place for a few years.

Please be sure your child is not wearing a skort that is too short. If her skort from last year is too short, and her new uniform has not arrived yet, she may wear PE shorts.

School shoes are a requirement. All students should be wearing the appropriate school shoes at this time.

Many students seem to have forgotten the jewelery / makup / no altering of natural hair color rules. The Parent-Student Handbook is posted online. Please feel free to review the handbook with your child(ren).

The lighter weight pants will be available sometime around January. Supply chain issues are causing problems in every area.

We do have many students who look amazing! I make it a point to tell them every time I see them in the halls or in class!

-Dr. St. Thomas