PlusPortals - ParentPlus & StudentPlus Web Portals

Fully Integrated with our AdminPlus student information system and TeacherPlus gradebooks, PlusPortals interactive web portals enable teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment. Parents only need one login to view all of their children’s data, class pages, calendars, etc.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android phones make it easy to stay connected no matter where you are.

New families, look for your parent log-in information in a summer email.


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PlusPortals FAQ
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How do I get a PlusPortals Account?

You need to have a valid email account on file with the school office to receive a link to activate your PlusPortals account.

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How do I get to the PlusPortals website?

Visit and use the Sign-In link to access your account or type in your browser’s address bar.

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What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the “Can’t Access Your Account?” link on the login page. Type in your username (email address) and reset your password.

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What happens if I change my email address?

If your email address changes, you need to contact the school to update your email information. Once your new email is synced with the database, you can use it to log-in to PlusPortals with the “Can’t Access My Account” link. This will prompt you to set a password for the updated email address.

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What information is shown on PlusPortals?

The new PlusPortals tabs allow parents to access different student information: ----

Overview: Displays current class averages, recent scores, attendance overview, and discipline incidents overview

Classroom: Displays class page items, specfic performance/grade details, and any posted progress reports for class selected in the drop-down menu

School: Displays attendance details, discipline details, and student demographics

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What homework is listed in the Homework/Assignment section of the PlusPortals?

Teachers may list upcoming homework/assignments in PlusPortals. Not all daily homework/assignments are available in PlusPortals.

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Can I access PlusPortals from my phone or iPad?

Yes, you can access PlusPortals from any device with an Internet connection; visit the site and log in with any typical web browser. There is an app for iOS or Android available through iTunes or Google Play. You can locate the app by searching for “ParentPlus” and/or “Rediker.”

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How can I email teachers through PlusPortals?

Use the Email link to email teachers. Click “New Email” and “Add Recipients” to view a list of teachers. Click to choose one or more recipients. Emails are sent from your own email address.

You can also use the Directory link to search the Staff Directory for email addresses.