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Virtus Training & Fingerprinting

All St. Coleman volunteers must complete Virtus training and have current fingerprints on file with the Archdiocese of Miami. Fingerprints are valid for five years. Please contact the rectory for information.

To register for a Virtus training session, visit and click on First Time Registrant on the left hand side of the page. Choose Archdiocese of Miami as your organization to view a list of the sessions available and register. When training is complete, be sure to activate your account online and stay current reading your monthly updates.

If you have completed Virtus training and have not accessed your online account recently, please log in and make sure your account is active and up-to-date.


Message from the Archdiocese

Implementing National Mandate
to Protect Children

Knowing how to identify potential signs of abuse and neglect can help parents and other adults take action more quickly and help prevent further abuse. Adults who spend a lot of time with kids – parents, teachers, family members – should be on the lookout, as children who have suffered from abuse may experience guilt, anxiety, learning difficulties, aggression, or self destructive behaviors.

For more information to attend an upcoming Virtus training session, or if you already have an account, log in to read the monthly bulletins at

Common Questions About Virtus Training

Do I have to read the monthly Virtus bulletins?
Reading your monthly bulletins will keep your Virtus account
active and maintain your eligibility to work or volunteer if
you have access to minors or vulnerable adults. The bulletins
take between 3 and 5 minutes to read. They are written by
experts in the industry and packed with timely and topical
information that keeps the Virtus training up to date. This is
especially true when it comes to information on Internet

What happens if my account is suspended?
Once a year, accounts that are significantly behind in their
readings are suspended for non-compliance. These participants
are notified two weeks prior in case they want to
catch up to avoid suspension. They are notified again when
their account is suspended. If they need reactivation to be
eligible to serve, they may email to
request it.

What if I have forgotten my user ID and password?
You may log into and click on “forgot
password” or you can request the information be sent to
you by automated email by contacting

Why can’t I see the Training tab in my account?
If your account used to have the Training tab and now does
not, your account was suspended or inactivated. If you
require an active account, email to
request reactivation.

Do I need to retake the live training session?
No. You only need to attend the live Virtus training once.
Your account remains active by reading your monthly

What if I’m moving out of the archdiocese?
The Virtus programs are utilized by approximately 75 percent
of U.S dioceses. If you move to another diocese, contact
Virtus National at 1-888-847-8870 to request a transfer. You
will then be contacted by a representative of the new
diocese regarding specifics of their Safe Environment

What should I do, if anything, when I move from serving as
a volunteer to being an employee?
You may make changes to your Virtus account by logging in
and clicking on “Update My Account” in the upper right
hand corner of the page. If you prefer, you may submit your
changes by email to
For fingerprinting, contact to
notify the change of status. If going from a volunteer to an
employee, you will need to be fingerprinted again.

If I attended a session years ago but never registered
online, do I need to attend again?
If verification can be found of your attendance (meaning
your signature is on file on the sign-in sheets) then you may
post-register at You will then need to
contact to request activation.

How do I maintain a Virtus account and read monthly
bulletins if I do not have an email address or Internet
You must still attend the live training session where you will
fill out the form for people without Internet access. Then the
local coordinator at your site — meaning parish or school —
will provide you with printed bulletins. After you read and
answer the question, you will turn each bulletin back in to
the local coordinator for recording as complete. If you are a
regular volunteer, such as a catechist, you may want to
check with your ministry head: perhaps you could log in
when on site to read the bulletins online.

If I only work one 4-hour shift at the carnival each year, do I
need to be fingerprinted and Virtus-trained?
Yes. Anyone with access to children and/or vulnerable adults
must comply with the Safe Environment Policy of the
Archdiocese of Miami as per the USCCB’s Charter for the
Protection of Children and Young People. That’s the short

Consider this: If your event attracts children, it may also
attract predators. At an open event, like a carnival or festival,
you cannot control who attends. The only thing you
know for sure is that children will be on site. So it is paramount
that all of those representing the Church, either as
employees or volunteers, be cleared and trained to look out
for all the children enjoying the event.

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